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The Cyber Scene TM is a popular, influential weekly newsletter tracking the companies, people, community and culture in Silicon Alley and beyond. This engaging and witty insider read is the only source where plugged-in new media professionals can tap into information about dynamic people from interesting companies while at thought-provoking events or industry parties.

The Cyber Scene TM reaches a targeted group of plugged-in new media executives, insiders, analysts, marketers, designers and programmers. While the industry is changing rapidly, The Cyber Scene TM reaches people who have been involved in new media from the beginning and who have helped shape the landscape for what it is today. Alongside this established group of trendsetters is a growing population of people new to this ever-changing work world. MBA grads from Harvard, MIT and NYU as well as students from the top design and trade schools also read The Cyber Scene TM.

The newsletter has enjoyed consistent growth due to Ms. Pulitzer's active involvement in the industry and community. Her stellar reputation precedes her and she is one of the most trusted and eagerly sought after sources for information on people and companies that form the Silicon Alley business space. No one else devotes 100% of their time to knowing who's who in the Alley and writing about them.

The Cyber Scene TM isn't just about Silicon Alley either -- it is expanding to include reports of cyber scenes in different parts of the world!

The Cyber Scene TM is a trusted, reliable, witty, fun, valued global targeted resource.