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Cocktails with Courtney SM are cocktail receptions where technology executives, analysts, programmers, investors, and new media professionals can meet in a friendly and elegant social networking environment. These cocktail parties draw a gregarious, intellectual assortment of people interested in sharing ideas and meeting other like-minded professionals to commune, celebrate and explore potential collaborations and networking opportunities.

Cocktails with Courtney are invitation-only events, and generally draw on average 100 influential attendees. The guest list is a rich cross section of the top start-ups, investors, designers, programmers, analysts and media. These audiences represent an excellent opportunity for sponsors to meet a high-quality group of potential customers face-to-face in a very short time.

Sponsoring Cocktails with Courtney gives sponsor companies a real-world presence before a targeted group of industry professionals eager to network in a sophisticated setting. Companies wishing to sponsor one or both events are offered an array of opportunities for distributing materials, signage, and promotion, in addition to the unique chance to meet such a large number of decision makers in such a short time. Sponsors' names are included on all promotional materials and all materials sent to local and national media.

Courtney Pulitzer, one of Silicon Alley's most connected personalities, hosts these high-caliber networking events. Building on the successful monthly events in New York City, Cocktails with Courtney is branching out to reach other markets with these effective and well-attended events. Offering the events in various establishments, from trendy nightclubs to quaint restaurants in New York City and four-star hotels in Texas, guests have the opportunity to explore new venues beyond the corner bar. Decorations are festive appropriate for the month, sponsor, or particular event. The parties also include hors d'oeuvres and free wine or champagne depending on arrangements.