From Silicon Alley to Silicon Valley and all the new media hot spots in-between and abroad, this is what our Sponsors have to say about Cocktails with Courtney.

"Courtney's newsletters help keep local net folk up-to-the-minute on the scene. I also enjoy reading about the local goings-on in Portland, D.C. and other cities that she covers. The newsletters give you a feel for who is doing what and where -- much more juicy than what you read in a typical business publication. Courtney's events draw a wide range of industry people and a lot of people who are looking to join the industry."
~ Jack D. Hidary, president and CEO, EarthWeb

"Courtney's events have been a very big part in the creation of the Silicon Alley culture. She has been one of the most important and most durable fixtures on the scene since the first Internet companies opened up here."
~ Dave Morgan, Chairman, Real Media

"In the digital economy, who you know is far more important than the bits and bytes that you know. Our experience has been that Courtney's events help our company connect to the right people in the right places. That's what we call e-business."
~ JP Frenza, Worldwide Marketing, IBM

"Courtney's events are always of the highest quality. Details are attended to diligently and participants leave feeling they have connected with significant business centers of influence....they're Great!"
~ Michael A Wiebe, SVP/Client Executive New Media, Marsh Technology Group - Emerging Business Unit, Marsh Inc.

"Courtney brought Silicon Alley style to our Silicon Hills event, bringing together the best of both worlds, uniting the new economy buzz from New York to Austin."
~ Gary E. Hoover, Founder, Hoover's Online

" was thrilled with both the strong industry turn out and exposure we received from working with Courtney in sponsoring an event. It achieved our goals of brand recognition and in helping to establish our services as a market leader."
~ Howard Schwartz, CEO & Founder,

"It was an amazing thing to watch. Courtney moving through the crowd, a touch there, a friendly glance across the room at a familiar face, an acquaintance, someone new, an old friend. All felt a part of something special, exclusive yet fun, edgy yet terribly sophisticated and civilized, without being stuffy. For us, Courtney is the key to an audience of opinion makers that can be reached in no other way. We premiered "Three Kings" starring George Clooney and Mark Wahlberg to the Silicon Alley audience, courtesy of Courtney, and the results were fantastic."
~ Don Buckley, Senior Marketing VP, Warner Brothers

"Our sponsorship of Courtney's events centered around the April 2000 party at Obeca Li. In short, the party was fantastic. Courtney has a unparalleled knack for bringing together the right chemistry for an amazing night."
~ Phil Geha, Director of Business Development, Vizy Interactive

"Courtney did a great job for HIGHTECH Scandinavia. All the guest's from Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway got a kick out of reading about the event and seeing themselves on Courtney's website - that's what so great about her events - it creates a community that goes beyond that single evening."
~ Gitte Pedersen, President, Proximity

"Real Media has sponsored several Cocktails with Courtney events in New York City. We saw the three events as way for Real Media to raise awareness of our company in the Silicon Alley community. Courtney's parties attract energetic, enthusiastic Internet opinion leaders who feel right at home conversing with their peers. The art of schmooze is alive and kicking."
~ Scott Kerr, Vice President, Marketing, Real Media

"Cocktails with Courtney is one of the highlights of the New York Entrepreneurial and New Media environment. I often bring groups of Philadelphia entrepreneurs to her events so they can network in Silicon Alley and catch the fever that Courtney creates. We have even gone so far as to have her bring her high energy self and events to Philadelphia so that her magic can reach out and touch a wider group!"
~ Robert L. Robinson, Jr. President, The Entrepreneurs Forum of Greater Philadelphia 2000-2001

"Cocktails with Courtney brings together a sophisticated set of professionals in a fun and social atmosphere perfect for building brand awareness among local decision makers."
~ Craig Zolan, CEO, UniversityVentures, Inc.

"We met up with the founders of Vested Software at a Cocktails with Courtney several months ago, just around the time we were deciding who we would bring in to help develop our technology. We had already received quotes from several more established firms, each of which gave us a higher price and a later completion date than Vested. Had it not been for Cocktails with Courtney, we would never have met or worked with Vested Software. In the end, the completed the project on time and under budget, went on to become an equity investor in our company, and we have been very pleased to call them a partner ever since. We have made several other invaluable contacts at Cocktails with Courtney, each of which has made it easier for this early stage startup to succeed."
~ Stephen Weiss, Executive Vice President, RedFilter

"My experiences at Cocktails with Courtney have been tremendous. No other industry events match its quality of attendees, atmosphere or energy. As I've traveled across the country to Boston to New York to San Francisco, Courtney was always there to host a top-notch event. Furthermore, there's no publication like The Cyber Scene. It's unmatched in its ability to track the heartbeat of the industry across the world."
~ Sean Jacobsen, Manager, eLance

"Our Cocktails with Courtney event was a smash….Courtney's party-power is definitely snowballing!"
~ Matt Heindl, Director of Marketing,

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