Website Design and Production

Ms. Pulitzer began her career in the internet industry designing websites. Here is a listing of sites she worked on, with some links and images to samples.

Meriwether Capital, L.L.C.
Meriwether Capital is a New York-based firm founded by Mr. George D. O'Neill in 1976 to acquire middle-market companies for long-term investment. While the private equity marketplace has become increasingly crowded, we have remained a stable and focused company.

St. James Episcopal Church Long Beach, NY
St. James Episcopal Church was founded in 1880 and is thus the oldest institution in Long Beach, even older than the City government. The chapel was legally incorporated as a church in 1938, when it moved to its present location and the currently-existing building, which has been granted landmark status, was constructed.

Sanivan Holistic Retreat and Spa
Sanivan's philosophy is all-inclusive, believeing that the body, mind and spirit are connected and that the answers to ailments are found in nutritious foods and the power of positive thinking.

Dr. Locurcio Homeopathy, Acupuncture
No matter what your condition is, Gennaro Locurcio, M.D. MBA, FAAFP, M.F. Hom, Dr.HT and Homeopathy will make you feel much better and dramatically improve your life. Homeopathic remedies are completely natural and have absolutely no side effects.

The Darrow Image
The Darrow Image offers personal style consultation services.

Cafe La Palette
This woman-owned successful cafe franchise features a healthy and delicious blend of French and Brazilian cuisine at reasonable prices. We are well-known for our crepes, Brazilian hamburgers and Fejoada. First version is here.

CyberCherub Financial Services
A New York City financial advisory and consulting firm, they specialize in the sale and divesture of private companies and their subsidiaries. By accessing its network, they effectively and efficiently service its clients. (Various iterations)

David Boorstin Associates
For over a decade, David Boorstin Associates has been helping companies to define and express what makes them unique. The firm develops corporate identity and communications strategies based on careful research and thoughtful analysis of our clients' organizations,industries, and markets.



Omo Norma Kamali

Druce Vertes' StreetEye
Outsourced CTO services for hedge funds, research and investment banking boutiques


WWWAC Radio (also conceptual with one broadcast)

Rogue(developmental concept never completed)


Metro Goldwyn Mayer

National Magazine Awards

Share Our Strength's
Taste of the Nation

Karen Moline's Lunch

Bari Koral Band

Thieme (1995)

Felix Kramer's Nlightning -- HTML only

Per Scholas Charity

A smalltown hardwood lumber company

James Andrews Modern Portrature


Reebok's Planet Reebok

OnRamp -- HTML for Melrose Place site

Communication House Int'l

As an employee at:

* Siteline
Siteline Home Page Siteline Home Page Siteline Home Page Siteline Home Page
Cigar World Loreal Cosmetics Olympus Digital Royal Caribbean

* Young & Rubicam's Interactive Department
Young and Rubicam Brita Whitehall Robbins Library of Congress
Paxton Patterson Paxton Patterson II United States Post Office San Francsico Ballet's Voice of Dance

* Darwin Digital Saatchi & Saatchi's interactive agency
Worked on lesson plans on the Civil War for an online, interactive, educational portal

Personal Sites

My Very First Website! (Hosted courtesy of Inch.com)

Silicon Alley to Silicon Valley -- a road rally with six friends, all on motorcycles from NYC to SF with complete online journals.

Womyn -- an inspirational and informative site empowering women

Sweetpea! -- homage to my first cat in NYC

Figment -- an online newsletter documenting the early love between two.

Complete Resume