Courtney's Journal

Saturday, August 16th, 1997

my birthday! kim gave me a honey bun with icing and a candle, part of her family's tradition: her mom would put it on her bedstand for her as she woke up in the morning. We motored down to Battery Park where we all took pictures.

Pictured above: Paul Eisenberg and Greg Elin; and Kim Park and Courtney Pulitzer

winded our way to Philadelphia -- Home of Dave Brown! Picked him up in the mid hot sticky sweaty day.

Pictured above: City Hall, at the spine and shoulders of Philadelphia (Market & Broad Strs retropectively), with statue of William Penn atop the building; The footsteps of Rockey Balboa

poped in to Jamie and Margaret's -- toured their beautiful home -- each room has a theme and they are esquisitely decorated. they gave me an adorable Big Orange Monster from the Bugs Bunny cartoon -- Gossimer! :)

stopped in the King of Prussia mall. Hello! It has bloomies, nordstrums, lord 'n taylor, hello! we stopped in the Food Court for Philly Cheese Steaks. got cawfee to go!

listened to our start off the trip with the essential traveling song: "Movin' Right Along" from The Muppet Movie!

thunderstorms through reading and F-trata (ephrata)

passing Harrisburg, where you can get 3 mile island coffee mug!

We finally got to Gettysburg where we walked around a bit, stopped in a candy store, a unique art and bookstore, and met up with Teams Tesla Unit and GDCi

Dave Brown in heaven at the candy shop

The group; Kim Park and Team GDCi: Uta Knablein and Justin Greene

Closed entrance to gift shop at The Dobbin House Inn

praise Turkey Hill! Lovely Turkey Hill of ice cream and gas!
troubles getting online from Holiday Inn Express. ugh

Late at night, as I was trying to get online, Kim put a nicely wrapped red tissue paper with white lace ribbon package on my bed (containing a beautiful bright white cotton crocheted vest with little pearls on the front), a birthday card, and a small bottle of Dry Ozeki Sake, my to my surprise. It was late so we decided to wait till another day to drink the sake. What a nice way to end my birthday.... new experiences, new people, new towns.