Courtney's Journal

Monday, August 18th, 1997

Today I was mostly in the back seat, working on the computer, which was good, as I was a bit tired from staying up late Sun.nite. Dave drove and Kim helped navigate. We were focused on getting to Nashville so we could enjoy some country music and ribs in the evening. I really wanted for Kim to have at least one "really fun" night out on this trip, as thus far it'd been a bit grueling for (well, everyone i guess -- although i'm used to these hours (but not the driving)).

Anyway. We drove all day -- Dave doing most of it, and I learned why Jamie advised "make sure Dave eats." Actually I was really enjoying the country music. Its something different and fits in with this place. It was very relaxing as I drove on the interstates to hear melodic alto, bass, and soprano voices croon their loves and sorrows.

We stopped in Knoxville for a break. I thought we were going to have a picnic somewhere along the road but I guess it wasn't in the agenda None of us had eaten so far this day, except for some fruit we bought the day before, and lots of water. (Its amazing how quickly water can go through a person. You'd think it'd get absorbed, or should be or something. But, Noooooo! So Kim and I started timing when we could polish off liters of water with next rest stops. Its not the most elegant topic to bring up, but traveling across the country with people you don't know so well, makes a person turn into a bit of a survivalist, and all of a sudden the water cooler and restroom down the hall take on different proportions.)

Dave settles into a chain coffee shop, Java, with beautiful antique windows as decorations high on the walls, old wooden furniture, and your standard delicious smelling coffees and sweets.

Kim and I embark on an adventure outside. We pop into an antique shop, The Old City Collection (at 110.5 East Jackson St. (423) 523-7275) where the proprietor Cleveland D. Kendrick greeted us with, "I'm having a nic fit, can you spare a match?!" Luckily Kim found one of her Junior League matchbooks. We browsed through the beautiful goodies there, spoke with a much calmer shop clerk, and headed back out into the hot hot hot sunny Tennesee day.

I started to get quite hungry and realized Dave wasn't going to stop for this picnic so I figured I better eat now. I ordered a big salad (iceberg lettuce, carrots, tomatoes) and reflected on the exotic greens NYC restaurants carry as standard fare (romaine, arugula, endive (OH! endive!)) but savored every bit of it!

We had fun chatting about things and sharing in female bonding moments.

Dave came over and we're Off To Nashville!

I drove. We checked into Super 8. I'm still frustrated about not having my "dongle" and Dave was getting very upset at his computer problems. anyway. I decided nothing will be done constructively at this point anyway, it was obvious we were going to miss our AOL chat, so let's get some food.

Interior garden of the Grand Ole Opry Hotel

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