Courtney's Journal

Wednesday, August 20th, 1997

Mmm.. Good Morning! How wonderful to wake up in a warm, inviting, beautiful home. I wanted to wake up earlier and finish getting the site up to speed... oh well. When I did awake (9:30am central time), I immediately got online to start uploading things.

Hair rumpled, wrinkle marks still on my face from sleeping, and nail polish nicked from wear and tear, drinking (instant?) coffee and a bite of home baked banana bread and plum bread, I'm sure I was a site for sore eyes. Ah well, the thrill of coffee (any coffee) coursing through my veins and the beautiful sound of modem gasping to the RJ11 jack, desperately clutching at a connection to the outside world -- society, life, commerce, culture!

Dave and I got ready and we said our goodbyes to Mr. Phillips, his daughter, and Prissy their dog.

12:06 pm -- My cellphone rings and Tim Renshaw informs me there'll be a few commercials and then he'll introduce me and then ask a few questions. (insert jingle) I hear the tail end of a sandwich chain commercial, and then a commercial for a "scorching hot tire for Goodyear tires;" then I hear a deep tenor announcing the time as 12:06 and this is the Noon News. The temperature is 66 degrees farenheit, it is partly sunny, and will be mostly cloudy this afternoon with predictions of a chilly night for Mason City, Iowa and the surrounding areas.

Mr. Renshaw began by acknowledging most people know of Silicon Valley in Calfornia, but not many people may know of Silicon Alley, which is located in New York. He mentioned the @NY newsletter and me, and my Cyber Scene Gossip column. Leading into the interview with some brief info on the Alley to Vally Rally, Tim first asked me to define where exactly is Silicon Alley. He asked me to describe what I thought the biggest difference between Silicon Vally and Silicon Alley, and then the mission of the trip. I explained we had several missions to see the country; this is our vacation; to address issues of connectivity -- with Microsoft asking "Where do you want to go today?" and AT&T promising we can call the world -- how easy is it really? I mentioned we also are very interested in exploring various meanings of community -- internal, small groups, physical, virtual, world wide (web).

It may sound glamorous to some listeners, and Mr. Renshaw inquired if while rubbing elbows with famous people and drinking martini's, they are enthusiastic about the internet and where it is going. YES! VERY! :) (oui?!)

And we finished up around 12:12 with a quick plug for the various sites where people can find out more info.

Please check out the radio station's website: Radio Park

Driving through beautiful lush green pastures and green trees through Kentucky. Moved north up past Princeton and Saratoga, Kentucky. I love seeing how there are so many similar named towns in almost every state. I lived in Saratoga, NY, my sister lived in Saratoga, CA, and here's a Saratoga, KY, and there's also a Saratoga, FL. Saratoga, Saratoga everywhere! Same with Moscow, Paris, Salem, and innumerable others.

Drove up past, and crossed the north part of the Land Between the Lakes. Wow.

Well, whaddya know! We pulled off I-24 west into the Kentucky Dam area, and the "Kentucky Dam One Stop" Marine/Citgo Station (at 2323 U.S. Hyw 62, Gilbertsville, KY (502) 362-8472) was a Gold Mine!

They sell minnows, crickets, worms, leeches, chicken livers, and a wide assortment of fishing tackle, camping accessories, beach gear, t-shirts, baseball (fishing) caps, standard souvenier of shot glasses, "My friend went to Kentucky and all I got was this lousy ashtray" ashtrays, toothpick holders, jugs for moonshine, "Hillbilly Outhouse" penny banks, and shelves of Slim Jims and Moon Pies!

Polaroids with yellowing tape near the door showed off proud locals showcasing their prize catches, with names, dates, and weight of fish.

Standing near the cashier counter were two men and a young man assisting a woman at the cashier. (Seen here: Craig Russel, Steve Bartholomew, Earl Shrum

When I asked if I could take pictures, and explained the Rally, I was met with polite enthusiasm that grew as I explained more and inquired of them. Earl Shrum, an older man, lake-tanned, and water wise, is a fishing guide and had several prize catch already de-scaled and packed in the cooler. As I was mentioning the internet and our website, they said, "sure, we know about that stuff." The woman has an account on AOL, but stopped it, and Earl Shrum said that he had some pictures up of his fish on a site.


His website!? He went out to his truck to get his photographs (developed from WalMart's) that were on his site. Just logon and go to: and see for yourself!

Steve Bartholomew, tall and tan, with specks of grass on his auto light adjusting glasses, camoflauge hat, blue t-shirt, and jeans betrayed his business of landscaping. In fact he just had come from mowing the area around Lake Barkley. Craig Russell and I shared a laugh over our common bond of both being Southpaws. Younger with a buzz cut, and youthful enthusiasm,he was very helpful in writing out everyone's name for me, and my website info.

I bought some bamboo fishing poles, on Dad's recommendation as a substitute for tent poles, which remain undiscovered at my mother and step-father's mountain house on Mt. Lemmon, AZ. I also picked up stakes for the tents, a shot glass souvenier, and a Kentucky Dam One Stop fishing hat! Yeehaw.

Cricket's in a hatch "Minnows: $0.05, Chicken Livers, Leeches..."

We pulled into Marion, Illinois for a quick bite at Burger King. I complimented on how pretty the flowers were sitting on the counter. A small assortment of fresh cut red, pink, yellow roses, carnations, daisies, and assorted wildflowers stood in a medium sized glass vase with water. The counter woman told me "Bill" brings them in every day. That's all they know about him other than he wears a white cap, and tips all the employees $1.00 every day, and that he has 28 rose bushes and has been bringing in fresh flowers every day for "years and years." He comes in and checks on if any need to be replaced, or thrown out and takes care of that as well.

Just across the street was the Ford Dealership with a sign advertising: ""

We've just crossed the Ohio River and are now in Illinois. I'm actually a bit nervous about going to St.Louis. While not immediate family, we all stem from different branches of the Pulitzer family tree. One thing I've loved about my site, and what I initially wanted it to be ("all things Pulitzer") is the chance to connect, communicate, and get to know my other relatives around the world. Lately I have been emailing relatives in California, Colorado, and New Orleans. I hope one day we'll all exist happily (at least in cyberspace). There's bound to be conflict, as in any family, and espcially in one that comes from such a background. I'm extremely close to my immediate family -- family is very important to me -- and I do hope to continue in developing and nuturing close ties with new and old relations alike.

Final stop was St. Louis. My hands were literally shaking as I entered 900 Tucker Boulevard, and was greeting by a bust of Joseph Pulitzer and quotations on the walls. I explained who I was and if it wasn't too much trouble, if I might be able to have a look around. I eventually mustered up the nerve to see if I might get to view the newsroom.

After a few calls by Ernest, the nice night security guard, I was allowed up. I met with the crew in the "Digital Square" the Post-Dispatch's website group. While they were polite, I definitely got the sense I was not well liked nor appreciated for owning the site. When they first found out who I was (am), they individually exclaimed, "Oh so YOU'RE the one who has the name?" with various inflections. One editor said, "we heard you wanted A MILLION dollars for it." -->

Dave and I checked into The Mayfair in downtown St. Louis and took part in one of the 6 two hour chats scheduled by AOL. As the chat ended, the motorcyclists arrived. We helped them in, and had a Moet Champagne (thanks to Dave) toast to my birthday (again) and our travels. I stayed up late till 4:45 and worked. I have a chat this morning at 10:30 central time, 11:30am eastern time. Please come by at