Courtney's Journal

Friday, August 23rd, 1997

As decided the night before, Greg's alarm clock went off at 6:30 am. He chirps out, "Good Morning Kiddies!" We all groan and turn back to sleep with our eyes brutally stinging from late nights and early mornings, long drives and longer website struggles and aching brains brutally aware of the hideous electric mosquito that will attack again in 10 minutes. Paul decides not to fall victim to the evil alarm clock. He grumbles "I hate this" as he pushes himself up from his slumber and promptly marches across all our beds.

He showers and Greg flips on the TV. After going through the 5 stations we could recieve, he settles on "Rebecca's Garden." Rebecca is the Martha Steward of the mid-west. We all got ready and packed up, leaving by 9am. We stopped at Mitten's Truck Stop and got a good ol' breakfast. And continued on through Missouri


We drove through Kansas to Colorado -- I was doing most of the driving today, as Dave helped out with it the past two days.

We took some great shots of us entering Colorado. We drove some more to another diner/gas station and met up with two of Justin and Uta's friends: Ian Firth, a computer game writer/designer and Leslie, a veterinanrian technician. We rode into denver with them. I had to call my doctors because some awful rash I developed last Tuesday overnight has spread on my face. I feel really ugly and this looks terrible. Benedryl and Cortisone cream are what both doctors prescribe. Greg and I check into the Holiday Inn, so I can stay away from more potential aggravation with the pets at the house, and we can decompress from the hectic week.

We all get ready and head over to Strings Restuarant for free apps and pasta dinner compliments of Digital Cities, Denver and the restaurant. Jim White of Volunteers of America came and spoke with us, as did the chef of the restaurant about volunteer opportunities in Denver. Greg and I decide to participate in a soup kitchen on Sunday.