Courtney's Journal

Sunday, August 24th, 1997

Greg and I woke up, watched a bit of TV and went downstairs for a (sip of) Champagne Brunch. We filled our bellies with yummy omlettes, waffles, fruit, bagels with lox, coffee and juice. Hungers safisfied, we headed over to Ian's house. (the others are staying at a friend of Justin and Uta's).

Last night Greg spoke at length with Jim White, Head of Volunteers of America (Denver). He told us there was a volunteer opportunity at a soup kitchen connected with a church in downtown Denver. Greg and I headed over there about 1:30 pm, but the facility was closed, and we didn't know which chuch it was.

Frustrated, we decided to take care of some errands. We drove past an amusement park called Elitch Gardens. This amusement park is over 100 years old and was run by a family at a different location. As business dwindled, they decided to move to a more convienent location. So, they just up and moved the whole amusement park! Roller coaster, ferris wheel and all. Unfortunately they could not maintain it at this new location, so a large corporation bought it and has been running it since.

Right across the street was the Mile Hile Stadium.

Greg picked up goodies at Radio Shack. Back at Ian's a bar-b-que was starting. Friends of Ian's and Leslie's came over, people relaxed and we all worked at a leisurely pace.

Of course, one thing lead to another, and Greg and I didn't leave for the hotel till about 2:30am.