Courtney's Journal

Monday, August 25th, 1997

Greg woke up early and I uploaded my journal entries from the past few days, including new pictures.

We headed over to Ian's. Everyone was a bit cranky today, myself included. Sometimes combining vacation, with the desire to keep up a website, and cover ground is a tall order. I decided to make pancakes for everyone. Nothing like a nice big home cooked breakfast to get the day off to a good start. Well, cooking in another person's kitchen is not so easy, and as my grandmother taught me, each woman keeps her kitchen in a particular way.

So Uta and I drove down to 7-11 and picked up some supplies. I scrambled eggs with basil and spices, toasted bagels, Uta fried up the bacon, orange juice, we make turkish coffee (well, Folger's without brewing it and no filters), and got two chocolate covered gooey donuts.

The rest of the day was one struggle after another -- me trying to set up a 6 person tent with no poles, but bamboo fishing rods I picked up at the Kentucky Dam One Stop, Justin and Uta uploading their pages and images, Paul and Justin working on their motorcyles, and Greg working on his site as well. The tent just wasn't working so well, so Dave and I drove to Target and I purchased a new 6 person tent, and a straw hat to keep my face out of the sun.

We FINALLY pushed off around 4pm. Justin ran out of gas, then we all filled our tanks. And headed out of Denver.

I really wanted to get on the motorcycle again, so Paul let me ride with him. It started raining so we stopped to put on rain gear. Then we drove into the night, cold and rainy through caverns and up steep inclines. We drove through the Eisenhower Memorial tunnel and got into Glenwood Springs around 9:30pm. We checked into the Hotel Colorado -- a beautiful historic landmark hotel with hot springs. Teddy Roosevelt stayed here. There are amenitites galore and hot spring pools and sulpher bathes to completely relax any hard motorcycle riding muscles aches.

We got a bite to eat at Doc Holliday's. Dave had a buffalo burger, and we ordered "Wings, Rings, and Dangly Things" for an appetiser. The only brave one in the group, I sampled a Dangly Thing, and then found out from the waitress I had just eaten one authentic, deep fried Bull Testicle.



Well. No one can say I'm not adventurous....

Check out some more great pictures that Uta and Justin took from today.