Courtney's Journal

Tuesday, August 26th, 1997

Dave woke me up with his early morning routine... It was quarter to 8 and he'd been out and gotten coffee, and was preparing his bags for going to the hot spring hotel pool. So -- I lounged till he left and sleepily rose up.

Uta and Justin went down to the pool as well. After we all got ready, we went down the street to a charming wonderful restaurant called "The Little Bavarian" (at 141 West 6th Street, Glenwood Springs, CO 81601. (970) 928-9186). This authentic bavarian restaurant had delicious waffles, french toast, pastries, and other breakfast goodies. The proprietress, Rosie, made apricot preserves, and real fresh whipped cream for my blueberry waffles. MMMMmmmmmmm! :)

Determined ride again we went to Wal-mart and I bought myself a bright blue men's small rainsuit (the only one left) and a pair of yellow dishwashing gloves for my hands. It was raining too hard today, so we all decided I should wait, and not cause more distraction to the drivers, and sit quietly in the car and work... or whatever...

We're really coming together as a group, when we're together. Really learning 'bout each others personalities, strengths, weaknesses. Traveling with other people can be tough, but i've found this experience really great. I like everyone i'm with, and we balance each other out. We all seem to go in cycles of high positive energy and low duldrums. And we're able to jest, joke, and pull each other out of whatever funk anyone of us might get into. I guess one has to -- otherwise everything would blow up. And we're all too committed to having a good time, especially as our time together and our vacations are drawing near an end. We want to pack as much in as we can. Have a good time, keep up our spirits...

We're in telluride and just got back from a good dinner. We're staying in a nice cozy ski suite, where there's a kitchen and the hotel has a hot tub on the roof. Although we're actually staying in accomodations down the street, and while the hot tub is luring, the cold walk back is less so.

Well, hopefully i'll be able to update my pages over the next few days easily enough, as we'll be driving through Utah and Nevada, on to BURNING MAN! :)