Courtney's Journal

Friday, August 29th, 1997

This morning I hit my head on the soap dish, placed convienently at shoulder height. I realized this was the last shower I was going to get for two days.... oh boy.....

Its 9:00am and Paul is trying to get us out of here.

We're going to Burning Man today, need to get gas and water.

We probably won't be able to log on till Monday.

Today we saw some posts on the wwwac list about "who are we and why should people care about our 'vacation'?" Well, I can't get to my email right now cause we're packing up the car and bikes, but i'll say this:

we are not just on vacation (for ourselves).
we are exploring the technology that's out there and recording and reporting on it for anyone who's interested.
we are exploring and commenting on various levels of community

we are maintaining and updating websites every day, or trying our very hardest to do this.

to the woman who wrote the inital post: did you do this on your trip to Missouri?
did you take up to 6 or 7 hours a day on your 'vacation' to struggle with logging on remotely from a Super 8 motel in Frederik, VA?
have you spent untold amounts of money, calling into your local (NYC) ISP from a motel in Nashville, or Utah, just so you can update your sites cause you have a commitment to sponsors -- people who believe in what you're doing, and think its exciting?
did you care to investigate our site, and find out about Greg Elin, who initiated this trip two years ago with TotalNY and Sun Microsystems?

maybe people should investigate what they don't like before they criticize. maybe there'd be a lot less racism and anger in the world if we all did this.

that's one thing i'm also learning -- to really be tolerant of others -- other people i'm traveling with, other people i meet during the travels.

Well, onto Burning Man!

and arrive we did! not till later... but here are some pics of postcards and stickers of the event.

photo by Mike Roberts, Scenic Art, Inc. Oakland, CA 94623