Dave Brown Kim Park Courtney Pulitzer

daveDave Brown is a New Business Development Account Executive for CDnow, the number-one online music store. He is a natural for the role of TEAMnow point man. He was born on December 11th, 1966, which makes him a double fire sign and the obvious choice to represent CDnow at the Burning Man festival. Notables who also share this birthdate are Rita Moreno and Alexander Solzhenitsyn. Dave has no idea what this means, and it makes him a little nervous.

His heroes include physicist Richard Feynman, visionary Buckminster Fuller, and Speed Racer (cool car, always gets the girl).

The son of German immigrants, Dave follows in their "vootsteps" of casting off the old and stepping into the new and unknown in order to create a future. He left a 6-year career in advertising to join CDnow, a trailblazer in successful Internet commerce. He also inherited his parent's bordering-on-the-obsessive work ethic. His last vacation was in 1989, and the first thing he did when he was told he had to take a vacation was to turn it into work, hence TEAMnow and his role in the Alley to Valley Rally.

Dave's Quote: "All the high-tech hardware in the world might just be useless against a good American boy in a fast car." -- --The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai

courtneyCourtney Pulitzer has been working with the World Wide Web since 1994, currently as a columnist covering the cyber scene of New York's Silicon Alley.

Before the Web, she pursued a thespian career in New York. While living in Moscow during the summer of 1991 she was a witness to the failed anti-democracy coup, giving her the best excuse ever documented for being late for work - tanks.

Keeping up to date with her Cyber Scene gossip column for @NY and her personal site Pulitzer Creations TM occupies a good part of her time, when not exercising, working at Young & Rubicam Brand Dialogue, and planning wild trips across America.

She has spoken on web-related subjects such as The Palace and Website design, and serves as Chair of the Party Planning Committee of the World Wide Web Artists Consortium. She is secretary of the Milbank Pelham Fritz committee with the New York Junior League and chaired a fund-raiser with The Musicians of Tomorrow Committee for The New York Pops Music Education programs.

New Member! Kim Park

Kim Park is a self-employed painter who creates abstract landscapes in watercolors and oils. Fluid texture, organic color, and crisp line describe her work. She titles her business - Mindscapes by Kim Park - appropriate to the inventive and colorful images she pursues. Before making the big bad journey from her home state of Virginia to New York City, Kim spent five years in the Appalachian Valley, a place rich with magic and from which she continues to draw source material. As one of the newest Teamnow members, Kim will be on the short haul, taking a fun-filled four day excursion down the Blue Ridge Skyway and on to Nashville. Kim's quote for the alley to valley road trip: "Stare. It is the way to educate your eyes, and more. Stare, pray, listen, eavesdrop. Die knowing something. You are not here long." by Walker Evans.

See some samples of her work.