Cultural Studies & Analysis
Philadelphia, PA

Cultural Studies & Analysis provides cultural and metamarketing research for major corporations, cultural and educational institutions as diverse as Walt Disney Imagineering, The Franklin Institute, Thomas Jefferson University, the Creative Education Foundation, FCB Tierney & Partners, Earle Palmer Brown, the Sales Focus Project, General Mills, Color Marketing Group, and the Autry Museum of Western Heritage.

Margaret J. King, Ph.D., is Director of Cultural Studies & Analysis, a Philadelphia-based think tank that identifies how people find and recognize value. She received the first graduate degree in Popular Culture from the Center for the Study of Popular Culture and the Ph.D. in American Studies from the University of Hawaii. Research at the Culture Learning Institute at the East-West Center included fieldwork in Tokyo and Kyoto. She currently serves on the board of the American Culture Association. Her research areas range from theme parks, museums, the popular arts, the nature of creativity, film, television, cross-cultural issues, and marketing, to consumer psychology, decision-making, and culture theory.

Dr. King's studies of culture appear in over fifty publications including Industry Week, The Futurist, Museum News, American Marketing Association Newsletter, Antioch Review, The Conference Board, Journal of American Culture, International Popular Culture, Journal of Creative Behavior, Mature Marketing Media, and Marketing Insights. Dr. King wrote the entries for Disneyland and Walt Disney World for The Dictionary of Popular Culture, and defined the theme park for The Encyclopedia of Popular Culture. Her body of work includes contributions to numerous books, including The Cultures of Celebration, The World of Ronald McDonald, Research in Culture Learning: Language and Conceptual Studies; The American Mosaic, and Advertising and Popular Culture.

J.G. O'Boyle, Senior Analyst, has done cross-cultural field studies and written on areas as wide-ranging as the Middle and Far East, West Africa, the former Soviet Union, and Northern Ireland. He developed the complex systems model used to identify and track patterns of behavior in national and institutional cultures. He is on the faculty of the Creative Problem-Solving Institute at SUNY Buffalo, Area Chair of the Popular Culture Association, an officer of Fellows in American Studies, and a founding member of the World Institute of Social Architecture. His work has been used by clients as diverse as Walt Disney Imagineering, Thomas Jefferson University, General Mills, FutuRum: Sweden, FCB Tierney & Partners Advertising, the Sales Focus Project, and The Autry Museum of Western Heritage.

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