Kim's Journal

August 15:
Press conference in NYC -- met other team members -- bagels & juice. Bike admiration and electronic equipment oggling -- excitement is contagious.

August 16:
Leave NYC -- goodbyes (see you soon sweet husband.) Scenic tour through downtown Philadelphia, including tour of our virtual passengers' home -- Margaret King & Jamie O'Boyle (nice people) -- featured a different theme in every room, including a royal blue dining area, an Elizabethan bath, and a slick lime green vinyled breakfast booth w/ push button juke box in the kitchen.

On to Gettysburg -- thru the heart of town -- met a lovely young woman in the candy store due to begin this Fall at Temple University -- further on down took a leisurely pace through the bookstore, which to our good fortune was open past their usual closing time. Later, met up with scientific Tesla Team -- enjoyed a cup of sleepy time herb tea within the romanticly candlelit Dobbin House Tavern.

August 17:
Late start & greasy breakfast at the Frederick truck stop. Through the Shenandoah Valley -- majestic sights -- layers & layers of folding, undulating hills. Blurred colors -- sap green, mauve, cerulean blue, naples yellow -- nature reached out to us.

Around midnight enjoyed romp thru Lexington, VA to find an open Pizza Hut -- ordered & carted food back to room -- computer equip. scattered everywhere -- an electronics wonderland -- good smells, melted cheese, spicy crust -- an exchange of warm, good feelings amongst the team members -- Paul: sweet-tempered, patient, kind, good flirt; Greg: a good leader, responsive, alert to others; Uta -- smart, energetic, positive-minded, very easy to talk with; Justin: also positive-minded, patient, calming energy, Uta and he make a handsome pair. And of my own wonderful team -- Courtney: poised, elegant, excellent negotiator, even-tempered & generous; Dave -- excellent knowledge of country history, including interesting tidbits on people and technology, good stamina, & interest in his teammates well-being.

August 18:
On the road again -- stopped in Knoxville, TN -- met a colorful antique dealer in dire need of nicotine -- managed to find some matches at the bottom of my purse -- saved the day. Stopped & ate buffalo chips w/ cheese in an outdoor cafe in the heart of Old City.

Enjoyed delicious spicy ribs dinner at Jack's BBQ in downtown Nashville -- coincidentally met up with specimen collecting Tesla team -- they look at us funny sometimes, as if we're not their friends, but interesting objects under the microscope.

After dinner strolled down the street to a coffee shop where several artists took turns sharing the stage and guitar -- of special note: Carol Edwards' sweet, alluring voice turned our heads completely around -- also of note were John Allingham and Sandy Garwood.

August 19:
Flying out of Nashville back to NYC -- my trip completed. Looking forward to next year's trip -- the comradarie, the fun electronics, the open road, & bringing my sexy husband along for those yummy late night hugs & kisses.

Special thanks to Greg for spear-heading the trip; I now appreciate the open road more than ever, the importance of picking up those little chunks of gold along the way, rather than waiting for the pot of gold at the end. And also many mucho thanks to my special friend Courtney for encouraging me to come along. Safe trip everyone! I'll miss you!

Love, KIM