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Saturday, March 13, 1999                                   Weather: Sunny and Cold

Brightly Colored Uniforms Boost Employee Moral

.... each member of the GrocerKing family feel distinguished and special in the
eyes of co-workers and customers alike.

      "These fun, colorful uniforms, provided to each of our approximately 780 part- and full-time employees at only a minimal
cost deducted from their next bi-weekly paycheck, are our way of saying 'thanks' for a job well-done," Clement said.

      "This is so cool," said stockboy Ross Krieg, 16. "My very own uniform! Now, when I personally greet customers with a
friendly verbal acknowledgement in accordance with the employee-conduct guidelines as clearly set forth in theplained

101 Wonderful Things About Chip*
*An ongoing series

34. He has beautiful eyes             35. He kisses fantastically               36. He's a gentleman
37. He walks on the outside of the sidewalk, until a pack of screaming men come running at me and he quickly switches to the other side to protect me