Gwen and Jane's Gazette
April 6, 1999

Hello there! This is Pauly "The Cute Paunchy Polar Bear" and he is the keeper of the list of all the great places two cute penguins can kiss!

Peninsula Hotel (by the telephones)
Red Bench
Outside Le Singe Vert
Tupelo Grill
The Irish Pub in CNN's building
Nooks and crannies at 481 8th Avenue on the 12th Floor
And all sorts of sweet spots between Soho and the Upper East Side!
While waiting for Thai food in a quiet restaurant*
The gourmet deli on 7th and 35th Street (preferably in front of the salad bar)
ATM vestibules
Stopped cars at stop lights
Wooded paths near a pond

Stay Tuned for More! Updates Weekly!