About Us


Baseball players have agents.
So do Football players.

Is their money more important than yours? If you're a player--either in horses or sports--and you're not in on full track odds, bonuses, incentive packages and choice of lines, then you also need an agent.

Let us be your representative, cost free, and start getting the maximum from your efforts.

We will help you even the playing field

PlayersAgent.com has numerous affiliates that offer benefits in exchange for your business.
  • Why lay a 3 with a game if 2 1/2 is available?
  • Why play a horserace where the average racetrack profit on your bet is 18% and not share in that profit?
Your plays are business and business is worth money to those accepting it. Our job is to connect you to the best available outlets so you will financially benefit based on your plays--win or lose.


All of our affiliate race and sportsbooks are licensed and legal. There is no cost to the player. *Full track odds on all plays--always.*