This section is still up in memorial of my cat Sweetpea. I had her just 4 years, but became very attached to her, as most pet owners do. I adopted her from a very nice organization called Being Kind, which never puts animals to sleep, but finds foster homes until they are adopted. Sweetpea's first owner was a pedestrian killed in a hit and run accident in New York City; her second owners had to give her up due to health problems of the husband; her third had 2 pit bulls and a great dane -- hence Sweetpea spent the first month in the back of a closet. Between these owners she went to a foster home with 8 or 9 cats and dogs. When she first arrived at my apartment I immediately decided to keep her, to stop the continual moves for this cat. I understood what it was like having moved around a bit while growing up. She spent the first 3 weeks in a corner under my old fashioned lion clawed porcelain bathtub. Her original name was Streepy (neé Stripe-y -- "cause she had stripes" -- how original). I didn't like "Streepy", and felt this poor little kitty needed a sweet name so she'd know she was really loved and safe with me.

She eventually came out from under the bathtub, and was a very affectionate cat. She slept on my pillow every night, and I think in her past life, was a hairdresser because she kneaded my hair and scalp with loving, drooling attention. I'd wake up and have quite a 'do.

Having to put her to sleep, when she was diagnosed with a large cancerous tumor in her stomach, was one of the most difficult things I ever had to do. I missed her terribly, but know she is alive and well with me and my thoughts and in cyberspace. Below is Sweetpea's section of the site.

m m M M M MEOW!

This is my secret place where I can tell you all about me! Don't tell Courtney though; she thinks I lounge around all day and snooze! Well, I do do that occasionally, but I do also have an active social life.

For instance, I spend several afternoons during the week at the Pet Bar. You can ususally find me dolled up with my black beret.

Actually, here are some recent pics of me now!

I also have travelled extensively. Two years ago I went on a mountain climbing trip up the fire escape on Courtney's building. It was really fun and cool until I got scared and started meowing. That kinda blew my cover and Courtney had to come and get me. Actually, I hi-tailed it into her upstairs neighbor's apartment and Courtney had to come up and scoot me down the stairwell into her apartment. Then she scolded me with tons and tons of hugs and kisses. (It sure is tough being a "kitty kat"!)

Then this year I went on an archaelogical dig. The perfect opportunity presented itself when Courtney's entire bathroom and kitchen floor had to be ripped up. There were no floor boards in these two I could see that there were great treasures waiting for me down below. I only went on my digs when Courtney was sleeping, 'cause you know how people can get when they see you doing something they know they can't. That's why they get so mad when you stretch and dig your claws into their furniture. They are actually mad at themselves because they can't do it!

Well, one day when Courtney was at work, I ventured out while the workmen were there. I fooled them into thinking I was a "Scairdy Cat" so they didn't expect me to do much of anything. But just when they weren't looking, I darted under the floorboard and hid there. I knew I scared them 'cause I heard them calling me and saying silly human things like, "Oh no! Now what are we going to do? How do we tell Courtney?!" and "I guess we better call the Super..." "No! Don't call the Super! What's he going to do? Call the Landlord!"

Humans can be so ridiculous sometimes, you know? They worry over things that we cats KNOW we can solve, or get out of, or -- whatever!

Like the Courtster says, stay tuned...'cause I too have lots of stories to tell! In fact, I think my next page will be entitled "Sweet Pea's Revenge" I like the sound of that. Sounds like a Million Dollar Movie, and one that can have Lots of Sequels too! And Jean-Claude Van Damme could be my co-star.

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