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It feels good to straighten and clean and organize our dusty and cluttered areas of life... And this site is beginning to have its life pumped back into it, thanks to a few special people who have helped me revive WOMYN.COM. It is now getting the attention it desperately needed, and with a little more time, and some help from all who care, this could be a nice quite space on the internet for all who care and dare to share their deepest thoughts and concerns.

My interest is to provide just that -- a warm fuzzy on the internet, where man and woman, women, womyn can share their thoughts and feelings, their hopes and dreams, their fears and concerns.

I've thought about, and had some interest from people to have a space to share their thoughts with like people... There is now a new area, for you to post your thoughts and for all to share and comment.

Making this site work for You:
In order for this site to be the best it can be for you, please take the time to let us know. We will try and keep looking for good links to other interesting sites, but if you see some you love, please let us know! We want this site to be as inclusive as we can, and yet to also be a good source for Womyn and women and men. Please
send us your thoughts, and come back and see who else has shared and thinks like you!

Never Give Up
This summer I definitely felt and truly was challenged in ever aspect of my life: work, family, friends... Every other week seemed to bring a new and quite unsettling challenge. And each week I felt I'd never get through it, felt overwhelmed and unhappy with my situations. And slightly before, during, and after each crisis, I would have fleeting thoughts of "You can do it!" "You are so strong!" and then those wonderful uplifting thoughts would die down back into the murky messy mass of my uncertain soul...

Then when everything seemed blackest, and I had to do something previously thought unbearable and unthinkable, I realized (again before, during and after) that I really, truly *could* do it.

I never quite really identified with that wonderful children's book The Little Engine That Could but I really do now!

These all can seem quite trite, but its true -- these little truisms exist for a reason -- because its the simplest things, thoughts, and ideas that are really what help us get through life. Just keep it simple, breath deeply, and move forward towards your fears.

Once you've come face to face with them you'll most likely see those monsters aren't so large, and they really only were a dust ball under the bed. You'll see that the monsters became other things and not the real issue at hand. Once you've dissected that, and recognized the real heart(s) of the issue, your fears will begin to crumble away....

One of my favorite analogies of life is:
Life is a big chocolate block,
and you have to (GET TO!) chip away at it slowly,
working your way through the chocolate block
and enjoying the chocolate along the way!

The other thing that's good is to Sumo wrestle with your sister in the kitchen after dinner. (But don't forget the Rice ceremony)!

Please enjoy the rest of our site!

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