Saturday, April 27th the WWWAC Radio SIG got together to record our first show, and here's....


It started mid-afternoon at the fabulous Bello Delicious Studios in Brooklyn, NY. Humberto Cruz was our very capable recording engineer.

Slick cyber sounds were played by master musician Ian McGrath.

And the core Radio group consisted of the very devoted:
(alphabetically listed)
Matthew Anderson
Patrick Casey
Linda Miller
Jonathan Sarno

Special Thanks to Maria Coarasa for assisting with the design of the site.

Our show was put together painstakingly and with admirable devotion by Ryan Nelson, Broadcast Engineer and System Administrator at The Internet Channel.

The first show consists of quotes and quips from our witty WWWAC members. They had the perfect opportunity to speak up and out at the WWWAC Spring Party on Thursday, April 25th, 1996. (hint: party pics coming soon!)

We also took advantage of the well-equipped studio generously donated to us to record some intros and outros and other WWWACky bytes.

The show is short and sweet. A perfect little morsel for you to savor while we plan and execute our following shows.

And let me take this opportunity to invite all WWWAC members to submit their favorite original material, sound clips, songs, and suggestions. If you have an idea for a show, please contact us and we'll help you do it.

The WWWAC Radio Show is meant to be a playground, classroom, and "sounding board" for all WWWAC members. PLEASE take advantage of it!

Thank you! -- Courtney Pulitzer, co-chair WWWAC Radio SIG

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