Meeting Notes . May 8, 1996

As Co-chair and Producer of WWWAC Radio, I am sensitive to making sure everyone's voice gets heard, and not be dictatorial. I've noticed I've paid so much attention to that, that I have not offered my thoughts on WWWAC and WWWAC Radio. I'd like to do that now.

There are two points people have brought up in the past meetings that I'd like to address: Sponsorship and Video/TV.

I personally feel the WWWAC is an organization rich with resources of content, technology and contacts. The organization is growing by leaps and bounds and has a different personality than the early days. I think it provides a positive influential force in the New York New Media community and worldwide. WWWACRadio can take this even further and has amazing potential.


I also strongly believe in the original flavor of the WWWAC (and its meetings) -- Red Licorice. Twizzlers. They brought a definite character of fun and casualness to the meetings and a personality different from any ol' seminar or other group getting together and discussing emerging technology issues.

This is what I would like for WWWACRadio to maintain in its inital stages. I personally want WWWACRadio to be a Playground for all WWWACkies. Its a place to experiment with audio on the 'Net and creating a show.

Of course I hope to develop this into a dynamic, well-structured, informative show as well.

But for starters, please all WWWACKies, send us your show ideas, sound clips, -- if you have an idea or want to do an interview -- GREAT! do it! We'll publish it for you. This show is for you. And like the "mission" of WWWAC : WWWAC is what you make it. You get out of it what you put into it!

Issues like Sponsorship will be resolved eventually. Its tricky for us right now because we're growing up... but I'd like to first focus on the content and actually producing a great show first.

Also: because a lot of people have expressed video... I am not against doing WWWACTV, or doing a videocast/broadcast/cybercast of our shows, but again, I first want to emphasis the Content of the show.

I'm sure there will be more later... please send me your thoughts, comments and suggestions. I want to make WWWACRadio the best show for YOU!

Thanks. Courtney J. Pulitzer

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