Meeting Notes . April 4, 1996

1 hr. broadcast = 1.6 Mb disk space = 8 hrs. editing
Real Audio servers can handle live stuff, but only 40 simultaneous users
A "canned show" can handle more simultaneous users
Sound edit 16 -- use this to edit the clips
VDO server is free --
Xstream (Zing) 44KHz samples
INCH has a CU-SeeMe Reflector (and Real Audio server)
Have point to INCH --
XStream has video
Some problem with RA 2.0, have to close the window, sometimes the browser if RA1.2 (?) is open -- the files won't play unless its a new window
To do a Live Show: need RA2.0 server, a windows machine, mic, sound card
All we need is a regular tape recorder (unidirectional something something) to get quotes from people (at the next party)

*Next meeting is Tuesday, April 23rd.
Meetings will be every 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month.
This will be good for coordinating quotes/etc. from the speakers.
Recording will be that week's Saturday.
Show will be Broadcast the following Monday.
First show recording will be Saturday, April 27th. Location: TBA

Classic radio, 20's, early radio, 50's, Retro, Radio Tower with Beams going out, Reto people sitting around/with radio
We'll all come up with ideas/samples/ and pick one on the next meeting.
This also applies to a specific radio sound for the show-we'll come up with ideas/samples and bring them to the next meeting.

Record SIG meetings
Record WWWAC general meeting
Sound clips from SIG leaders
Cassette of SIG meeting synopsis
2 or 3 questions answered by that next meeting's speaker
A quote from the speaker
Promos from/for SIGs
SIG report
WWWAC members: get favorite Monty Python clips, traffic reports, sound bytes
Callers/Email in during the show
People talking about their website
Have competing audio companies call-in, talk about why their product is best
Intro.'s, Outro's, Jock Shots, Running Gags, Pomp & Circumstance
If a WWWAC member has an idea for a show -- let them do it and just send it in!
K. Cavenaugh interview different WWWAC members
2-3 co-hosts - moderating the threads
What's on the WWWAC list this week
Greatest Flame Wars
4 Showlets -- 15 mins. Each - everyone comes up with their own ideas/segments - but keep a theme - magazine format
Cyber-Reporters - 10 min. clips, Give them guidelines, Open slots in the show
Have a Database/Archive of original sound clips, poetry, music of WWWAC members - set up an FTP server, "Submit Your Favorite Beep Sound"
Have a Voice Mail for collecting quotes/sound bytes/etc. -

Internet Cafe (3rd Street btwn 1st & 2nd Aves)
Internet Business Center (19th Street) -- has equipment, will probably want us to credit them

"Web Radio: Where We Are/Where We Are Going" : The State of Audio/Radio on the Net
Today. The Future of Audio/Radio on the Net.

Flame Wars
What's on the list
SIG Report
WWWAC meeting: who's speaking (get a quote)
Broadcast segment

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