Meeting Notes . April 23, 1996

* what do we do when a month starts after a Tuesday and there's a WWWAC meeting? lose a meeting? schedule a different day for that occurrence? always just have a meeting the tues. before a WWWAC meeting?

* David's company: Speakeasy Productions: did a Radio Show for the internet: Cyber City News, has a canned show already...

We'll be archiving the SIGS (Patrick records when he's at)

We need a digial editing/mixing piece of equipment

We can record analog and then transfer to digital

Other networks with audio/radio on the 'Net: C|Net, Premier, SW Networks, ABC, MJI, Sony, Media America -- maybe they'll sponsor (?)

Format for the show:
Reporter sets-up the show, Interviews someone, gets quotes, then has round-table discussion
First show: the history of WWWAC: who we are, how we got started
WWWAC Nostalgia
Ask a standard question of "all" the people

This is good PR for WWWAC as well.

Need a good scripter
Interview the Founders

Have to deal with Copyright issue for musicians
Check out (get) collections/websites of Royalty free music
Interview SIG leaders


Strategy for getting quotes/stuff at party

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