Meeting Notes . May 8, 1996

In attendance:
Patrick Casey, David Olsen, Ryan Nelson, Courtney Pulitzer, Geo Geller, Mark Lewis, Jonathan Sarno, Steven Warren, Matthew Anderson


NYU - Radio Station - Students, help put on the show
Columbia - same as NYU
Downtown TV Center
Speakeasy Productions
Kitchen - Geo knows Ben Neils
Knitting Factory
Bloomberg Studios
Public Access Radio Stations -- go there with the show

Lynda recorded the Web Cinema meeting
Ryan's friend manages bands, ... have a party, broadcast the bands -- a segment for the show.
Need to get a quote/email from all SIG leaders with summary of their sig meeting each month...SIG segment
Record the next meeting -- Ryan (Patrick is backup)
Index the recording
VDO Server is free, does streaming video, takes up a lot of resources, Geo knows -- will talk to him, if we/they host a show
ISDN is really cheap in CA
Rick Siegal's "thing" - no helper apps, video on the Net, 30/frames/sec.
Friday Night Live, 8pm PST, real audio show, broadcast from guys apt., takes real-time callers, could use IPhone and get callers on real time
Inch's RA server is licensed for 40 streams
Sponsorship -- can take this further

Eventually do a bi-weekly show -- have a set format, departments, what wwwac's been doing, features, sig updates
Use a structural metaphor of bicycle wheel. The center is the intro to the show, click on the spokes for segments instead of having to sit through the WHOLE show all the time....index it, so people can move freely through it...

Giving the show some structure:
Patrick - SIG update Mark - NYU New Music Ensemble: will get a clip

Geo - Random site/quote/poem/report

Jonathan - Parody of War of the Worlds

Matthew - Music

Steven - The California Update/Scene, report from NoEnd

David - an Investigative Story

Courtney - Beginning piece, making sure the stuff gets in, happens, etc! (and a few other surprises!)

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