Observations in New York

Wednesday evening on a Downtown E1

.Four foreigners:

..2 Latinas.
tight jeans.
necklaces. rings.

...One in a long leather jacket
-- highly energized
Her food still in its alumninum container with white cardboard covering

...The other in a jean jacket, big brown tinted sunglasses halfway down her nose, jaw slack,
a piece of onion stuck to the left side of her garish brick-red painted mouth
slurring words and falling alseep
Is she on Heroine?


(*romance novels large breasted women in slightly undone peasant shirts, hair carlessly tossed, flowing praire skirts...and brutalgentalstrong men sweeping them off their feet)

She wraps her grilled-meat-and-onions-on-a-roll in two napkins

They move to the far end of the car.

away from me


A black man enters. Flashy mustard-yellow suit. Mustard yellow leather dress shoes.

"Make someone happy to day, A rose makes someone hap-py. A rose brings a smile to someone. Make someone hap-py to day"

he wheels a blue wire shopping cart behind him.
silk red & pink carnation roses
wrapped in clear cellophane with blue flower border

He came From a country to Make It Here.
he's trying to Make a Living.
This is What He is Doing.

He Passes.

a medium-sized, light-brown rabbit pokes its head out of a brown paper bag.


it's on a blue leash

giddy laughter bursts forth from me. how delightful! love. wonder. laughter. excitment. a Bunny Rabbit! he has a bunny rabbit as a pet!

my stop.

Thursday morning , walking down Park Avenue South2

Brows furrowed,
Lips pursed,
Jaws clenched.

Blistered toes,
Fallen arches,
Shin splints.

Screecing wheels,
Jack hammers,


One hand holds Coffee

Other hands hold a Cigarette

"...remember to RELAX your JAW...release the tension..."

1 April 29, 1998. 2 April 30, 1998

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