bird whirds

whirds don't come easily
they fly like birds
overhead, above.
sometimes they come in groups and are very easily found, when needed,
other times,
not, knot
that I need them. I do.

"I do."


the appeal to be an actress was multi-fold. I wanted someone to give me a script. To say what I should say. To give me the words. To help me express myself.
then I decided I didn't want to spend my life as someone else, pursuing a life of speaking as someone else...
I wanted to be Me!

"I Want To Be ME!"

I Want To Be FREE!"

I do want to be free.

but maybe free means purple. or it's a leaf. who coined that term, anyway?
"A bird flies freely above in the big soft pillowy billowy sky."
I will always search for my freedom. Freedom. Freedom from and with words
and breezily like a whirdbird.

Copyright © Courtney J. Pulitzer, 1998.